The Subaru Triathlon DIY Series

The Subaru Triathlon DIY Series

Let’s start 2021 off right by keeping those triathlon and fitness goals alive! The Subaru Triathlon DIY Series - A variety of distances - your choice to do one or all of them! - to be completed anytime between January 1 and February 14th, 2021 on your own time on the courses/trainer of your choice!

How it works:

Let’s celebrate your fitness by completing one, or as many of the following distance goals:

Do-A-Du: 1km run - 10km bike - 2.5km run
Try-A-Tri: 375m swim - 10km bike - 2.5km run
Sprint Duathlon: 2km run - 20km bike - 5km run
Sprint Triathlon: 500m swim - 20km bike - 5km run
Olympic Triathlon: 1500m swim - 40km bike - 10km run
Olympic Duathlon: 2km run - 40km bike - 10km run
5km run
10km run
21.1km run

*After registration closes on December 28th, sportstats (the timing company providing the platform for the event) will send information on how to submit your results during the event period.

*Registrants can complete up to all distances if they wish. There is also no limit on the amount of times you can submit your results! If you improve on a time for one of the legs, you can re-submit. You also don't have to do all the distances the same day. If you only feel like doing a run one day, you can log that into the platform and complete the rest later in the week! The goal of this event is to encourage physical fitness and have fun with it. As such, there will be no results-based awards.

We may not have been able to celebrate your success at a Subaru Series event in 2020 but the race can come to you. Goals such as these will get you fit, build your confidence, give you a sense of fulfillment and give your training some purpose. Let’s not waste this time focusing on what we “cannot” do but rather focus on what we can do from our homes. Here's to ending 2020 and kicking off 2021 with a bang!

Virtual Race Distances Available: Virtual Sprint Triathlon | Virtual Sprint Duathlon | Virtual Do-A-Du | Virtual Olympic Duathlon | Virtual Olympic Triathlon | Virtual Half Marathon | Virtual 10km | Virtual 5km | Virtual Try-a-Tri

- Virtual Event Dates - 2021-01-01 to 2021-02-14