10th Annual North Perth Character Run

10th Annual North Perth Character Run

The 10th year of the Character Run is here!! Although it is different than we all envisioned, we are excited to bring this event back to the community. Due to the pandemic, we will be offering this race in virtual format for you all to do safely with household members, or a distant friend.

We want to encourage people to continue doing physical activities safely so they can stay optimistic and compassionate. We may not be able to celebrate completing the Run as a group but we can encourage each other remotely and challenge ourselves to achieve our own goal. This is an opportunity to practice perseverance, responsibility and courage!

Through collaboration and many hours of volunteer assistance, the Character Run brings the community together while we are apart, and promotes health and fitness and a growing awareness of the character movement.

We are so excited to have you interested and we hope that this can be something to look forward to!

Virtual Race Distances Available: Virtual- 10km | Virtual- 5km | Virtual- 3km | Virtual- 1km

- Virtual Event Dates - 2021-05-27 to 2021-06-27