Objectifs Sante

Objectifs Sante

Choose this personal challenge for your own ‘’Objectifs Santé’’! Every challenge is unique for your own satisfaction, so choose a 2-5-10 Km activity and do it at your pace. Take care of your health and participate in this super Défi Objectifs Santé! The event will be on September 5th, but the beauty of the virtual is that you can choose any day for your challenge, whether it's before or after that date.

To be healthy is pure gold, and so is this WONDERFUL golden medal to celebrate the achievement of your Objectifs Santé! Do not wait, quantities are limited. Once registered, no stress, you can decide on the morning of your event. You will be able to choose the distance that you feel like doing. If everything goes well, your 2 or 5 km might become a 10 km! That is the beauty of Défi Virtuel and Défi Objectifs Santé!!

Every challenge will be exceptional, so all together it will be a mountain of achieved goals that will keep us motivated and celebrate our success! Don’t wait and participate with your family because being healthy is for everyone, young and old! Be active with your family, the fun and satisfaction will be greater. So alone or with your family, take care of your health and set your goals for the Défi Objectifs Santé!

Virtual Race Distances Available: Virtual 2km | Virtual 5km | Virtual 10km

- Virtual Event Dates - 2021-08-01 to 2022-12-31